Patricia Fornos

2012- 2020 CEO at Patricia Fornos art/illustration/design and CFounder at Cultura Coconut.
* Creation and development of the Patricia Fornos brand and the line of graphic art souvenirs.
* Illustrated image for IOP, Publishing, Latin America.
* Illustrated branding and limited edition for different brands such as José Cuervo, Vodka Alux, Ay Guey, Mesa 21 restaurant, Tequila Alacrán, etc ...
* Piel de Mariposa, creative online.
* Flamingo comunicación, visual designer.
* First Class Hotel: Project manager, creative director and art director.
* Mi Fridita: Project manager, creative director, product designer and art director.
* Digital Spa UK: Project manager and creative director.
* Brio Coaching: Branding, web designer, project manager and creative director.
* Sunset Cinema: Online art director.
* Miss Colibrí: Project manager, illustrator, product designer, street artist and art director.
* Miradas que hablan: Project manager, illustrator and art director.
* Itea idiomas: SEO, web development, project manager, illustration and creative direction.
* Crealite: Illustration and book design.

2011 Art Director & Manager of Multimedia Department at Aleggria Comunicación. Spain.
* Development of Telefonica international volunteering day blog & online community.
* Development of internal communication interactive site for Mutua Madrileña.
* Campaign proposal for Mahou San Miguel and Inditex.

2008 - 2011 Senior Graphic/web designer, photographer, illustrator & advertising campaign creator.  Bgrupo. Madrid, Spain.
* Collaboration on the creativity for Adif fitur´s stand, winner of a “special mention” by design.
* Coordination of the design area and collaboration on the event management for Adif on the inauguration of the new railway line Madrid-Valencia.
* Collaboration “Green Month” campaign for Toyota.  
* Design of the environmental campaign  “Mima el MedioAmbiente” for Adif.            
* Design of the environmental campaign ”Con la responsabilidad si se juega” for Renfe.              

2007 Editor & Graphic designer at Brumaria. Spain.
2004 - 2006 CEO & Graphic designer at El Quinto Sol. Vigo-Spain.
2004 Graphic designer at CEDAC foundation. Mexico City.
2001 - 2002 Graphic designer on A.G. de Muebles S.A. de C.V. Mexico City.            
2019 Engraving workshop with Paula Bonet, La Madriguera. Barcelona, Spain.
2018/2019 Workshops in Portraits, illustration, embroidery, motion graphics, creativity, Domestika.
2016-2017 Workshop of experimental ceramics, Amasarte, Madrid, Spain.
2016-2016 Workshop of experimental ceramics, Coyoacán, Mexico.
2011-2012 Illustration master. ESDIP. Madrid, Spain.
2010-2011 Intensive design master. IED Master. Madrid, Spain.
2008-2009 Illustration master. Arteneo. Madrid, Spain.
2004-2004 Exchange program to fine arts institute. Salamanca University. Salamanca, Spain
1999-2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (BFA/GD). Iberoamerican university UIA. CDMX, Mexico.
2003-2003 Art creative and innovation workshop. Iberoamerican university UIA. CDMX, Mexico.

  * Native Spanish   
  * Advanced English             
  * Basic French

  * Art direction.
  * Visual design.
  * Project Manager
  * Creativity.
  * Graphic Design
  * Web Design
  * Traditional / digital illustration.
  * Graphic art.
  * Contemporary art.
  * Muralism
  * Animation.
  * Visual thinking.
  * Photography.
  * Conceptualization and Idea development

  * Adobe software
            Afte effects, etc...
  * Web platforms
  * Office software
  * Watercolor, acrylic, collage, embroidery, Indian ink, spray, engraving, oil.